Can a woman of 40 marry a foreign man?

We will tell you the reason why young ladies are more popular than women over 40 registered on dating sites. The first thing you may think about is the age. Any other ideas? There are a lot of older men who are looking for a mature lady to build relationships with because they want a person who has experience in life and who knows how to build a happy family together.

Our unexpected reason is photos. Yes, that’s correct, young ladies add great photos to their profiles and that’s why they get so many letters from men. Where on the Internet can you meet a woman of 40 years old with photos of high quality that show her real appearance? Here on UaDreams!

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Why 2020 interesting for


Quarantine in Europe and in Ukraine reduced the number of travelers and few people would like to meet in persons. People have to stay home and to postpone all their plans. However, there is a hope that this summer the borders will be opened and life will flow in the usual way and dating will be possible again. At the same time, virtues with their kind reviews are working up to the collar:


“technical and business analyses of UaDreams Because UaDreams website is technically joined to some other dating websites (as I proved in my previous review “Irochka85/#2532 missing so much, Katie #2404 married or not?” and as suspected by ScamAdviser having performed a deep technical analysis with a partial result of ‘This website may be related to a number of high risk sites’), one website must be the original and the others aliases.


“Irochka85/#2532 missing so much, Katie #2404 married or not? At more than one dating site a lady user has the same a) her last log-in date and time, b) number of views of her profile by visitors, c) her photos and profile. The a) + b) + c) reveal that the profiles are created and run from one website. The a) + b) + c) are realizable not only by an organization owning the sites but also by a lady user if the sites are technically allowed to be even by user set this way, so it is not sure whether the a) + b) + c) are realized by her or by the organization. The lady then can say: “I know that some people enjoy to play a lot with ladies’ profiles.”. A lawyer of the organization owning the sites can say: “We deny any responsibility or support for this inconvenience.”. And psychologists and sociologists are worth two chocolate M&M’s (see at Masters in Manipulating Men’s Minds, the longer, the more effectively, often hired by the state in politics, military and economy, for private sphere working in marketing (= sales), finance, economy: e. g. in dating agencies: to increase the organizations’ profits. Lady users on dating sites, educated in marketing (or similar), are in the majority among women, being worth two more chocolate M&M’s – the ideal Manipulating Machinery as Marketing May use the combination of statistical evaluation, psychological speculation methods, stochastic simulation and optimization methods; the same in politics, military, economy.

See attachments:

Two anonymous writes the reviews with the same link to Google drive. Who are those people, who have found money and used very poor quality service but had no time to add the name under the reviews, or maybe that’s one person? Who knows but let’s talk about the link and the document. Would you like to know what you’ll read in that file? So let’s find out together. The reveling materials consist of 1 file where there is a correspondence with a lady, the screenshot of one Polish website, unknown and not trusted by the way, and 3 screenshots of the place where UaDreams hosting is situated. What a revelation, isn’t it? When people try to unmask somebody they have to put real materials but this time that file is rubbish. Check yourself and make sure.

scam facts about uadreams. very funny :) user about uadreams