Scam definition paradox

Here is one more paradox of this situation. It feels as if somebody invented a game with rules determined by only one side, men. Ok, I don’t argue that the notion “scams” took flight as a pattern of conduct of certain people exactly on dating sites. In most cases complaints are made by men who say that women are scammers. However does it mean that all women are scammers? The most dating websites are a place where both real men and women registrate. Women who want to love and be loved, trust men and finally to find their second halves. And where are complaints shared by women? Do you think that there are no men scammers?

no scam –

Here is one more guy who describes the main points of his Uadreams complaint


“Her profile was then closed on the internet site we had met and I received an invite from her from UA Dreams web site… I decided to continue to correspond with her paying for each letter I wrote to her… when I went to UA Dreams to find Julia there she was with a profile all made out with professional photos and a bio that must have taken some time to create….well in advance of our correspondence on the other dating site. So, in short, I was baited after establishing a connection with Julia. I was given opportunity to correspond with her on UA Dreams and after the free emails, it became expensive to correspond with her as well as meet with her on video chat sessions. This is called bait and snatch routine. UA Dreams establishes a fake profile of a lady on another web site”

I am surprised that this man came to a decision to cross over to another dating agency by himself and started to pay for his dating, but after that he started to insist that this is scams. I wonder at what point do such conclusions come over? After the registration on the site, after the first payment or after a thought about how much money one needs to find a second half… As soon as this meridian question arises, a plenty of new emanating thoughts come – no, it is expensive, it is fraud, yes, they are liars because I have to buy my relationship! This being so, why to register on a dating website, pay and chat. In order to accuse the girl of scams groundlessly? Or to accuse of scams the whole agency?

For example I can’t get next to an idea why this man insists that the girl’s profile is fake. If I am not mistaken, the word “fake” is used when somebody isn’t a person he or she claims to be. Well, this guy said that it was the same girl on the both sites and he talked in chat with her. So, “fake” means from now on not a nonexistent person, but a “comfortless” site where you meet girls? And if she would leave for another city, would it be fake, scam or fraud as well?

Personal experience and trust – a guarantee for successful dating!

Looks like such subjective “points of view” like Bo has can strongly influence the opinion of people who are thinking over what agency they should join. It means that only personal experience and trust to those who makes their job professionally is a guarantee for successful dating!

It seems that it would be easier not to use dating agencies’ services at all. Agree, it is very convenient to place an ad in a newspaper or on a free website, even social networks allow to do this, and you don’t have to register in a dating agency and what is more to pay for this… see how large the contradiction is! The contradiction is that thousands of men and women don’t trust dating agencies, but continue to register there and complain. They often do it groundlessly, because of a harm, misfortune in their love life or misplaced hopes, or maybe just because they have to pay for search of their happiness.

All dating agencies are scammers???!!!

Now we go on… Paradox and discrepancy are traced not only in this man’s speculations, but also in the fact that he sincerely tells us on which website he has found his girlfriend that became his wife, but at the same time he met a scammer in that dating agency!

serious-dating-scam is where i meet my lovely wife . Serious business….The fact that i had meetings with 3 women from this site and that i am now married to a wonderful woman from kharkiv (ukraine ) that was the last one i met says it all…I have only once had the suspicion that a lady in this site was a scammer , bestlove investigated the case immediately and removed the lady promt . Stop waisting your money use a serious site


Really, how can it happen? This person doesn’t trust to one agency because it is expensive, but at the same time he doesn’t afraid to use services of another agency where scammers are (he knows about this) and recommends it to everyone! This begs a rhetorical question… what would he say if he didn’t find his wife there? That all dating agencies are scammers!

Reminding letters from UaDreams

Here is another uadreams customer named Black who understands it and writes the following:


“Yes, I’ve got a lot of reminding letters from UaDreams, some times too much may be! But they are doing their job, and doing it great I think! So what if they are earning money from our letters – they need to get salary too. May be you would say, that if doctors get money for what they do – it is wrong too. No, not wrong, normally? And you do not even have a question – “why”. Then why these guys, also helping people and getting money for their work considered to be scammers? I do not understand!”

And the main thing, if it is so easy to exchange emails with the plenty of girls on a dating site right after the first contact and this site is so “honest”, “worthy” and “cheap”, why should one register in a paid expensive matchmaking agency where it is forbidden to exchange private information before the first personal meeting? UaDreams writes honestly about its paid services and pleasant bonuses that cost nothing. I guess everything here is really clear


And I guess that prices are clear as well, it is obvious, you can see all the prices on


Just imagine! This guy wasn’t too lazy to write so many things in one posting to share his experience with men from all over the world, and this experience is obviously negative, but he speaks HONESTLY 🙂 All the same I haven’t understood why uadreams were accused of scams in this posting? You are honestly advised beforehand what you have to pay for and what is for free for you.

What does your trust rest on?

Everybody who used online services just for once wondered if he or she should believe, if everything written there is true. What does your trust rest on? How do you check that nobody cheats you? I guess that you check everything by yourself using your common sense, logic and rationality.

Here is how one guy named Bo writes about UaDreams:


«it was also my experience , its one of these companies where they overcharge the communication and they will also scam you when you go to Ukraine to meet a lady , translater service , overprized hotel , overprized transfer , choose a serious company where you do pay around 20 dollar a months for membership and do can contact as many ladies as you like and get their email adresses by first contact »

By no means I want to hurt anyone, but still where is the logic? It’s true that they “overcharge the communication” comparing to 20 dollars per month, that’s true. And tell me, have you ever seen a serious company that charges around 20 dollars per month of membership? What about this? This being so, I don’t understand why nobody gives out Bentley for free… And why does this guy believe that it is safe when you contact as many ladies as you wish and get their email addresses right after your first contact? At the same time he insists that expensive dating where your pay for your safety is scamming! Look how contradictory these views are! And yes, a behavioral pattern of people suprises me who get girls’ emails at once but continue to use services of the same dating service. What do they do it for? Hmm… do you see a kind of discrepancy here or it just seems to be?

Since when paying for services is called scams? If you buy a smartphone in a store, a salesperson will offer you to buy accessories, a phone cover and a nice wrapping for your phone. You consider this shop to be of high class and if you refuse to buy accessories, you will not tell your friends that somebody tried to cheat or to scam you. Beyond that do you see scams in the fact that usual people work in UaDreams and do their job for a salary? Is it a one and only dating agency where people do their job for money?

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Google uadreams scam

First of all I want to mention that before using this dating agency’s services I opened Google and wrote “uadreams scam” there, and I think that you would see the same things as I saw there. A plenty of websites with a great quantity of discussions about scams. The irony of it is not that there are a lot of opinions, but that these opinions are in stark contrast to each other.

google by words “uadreams stories”

If you search in google by words “uadreams stories”, everything that you will find is information about couples on the official UaDreams blog:
UaDreams videos on the official Youtube channel
and of course on their website
Should we believe in this stories or not? Let’s gain insight…

Why do we buy simple things online

Why do we buy simple things online we can go over to the nearest store, why do we watch movies online while we can go to the cinema, why did we stop to buy usual paper books with inimitable smelling cover, and finally, why don’t we spend time and efforts for making acquaintances in cafes and restaurants, on the street and with the help of your closest friends? Because it is easier, more convenient and safe.

Really, did people stop to be people? Why did so many misbeliefs about safety appeared? Why do many people think that paying for services online automatically includes price for safety? Is it a failure protection? When you meet a girl in real life, you don’t know how will this relationship develop, how long will you date and how much money will you need to reach the high point of it.

All answers to all scam questions are here. The bare truth from an honest person.

Have you ever noticed how many independent websites for users’ opinions, reviews, descriptions of their own experience, forum, reports were launched lately? There are thousands of them! The Age of the Internet allowed people to make a breakthrough. Today it is so easy to share experience and knowledge without leaving home sitting in a bathrobe and slippers. It’s an easy job to take part in serious business conferences on the topic of space flights and buy a washing powder in a virtual shop. That’s a progress! What has it to do with it? Indeed, it has nothing to do with online dating, you can say… And I tell you that all these things have a lot in common. The main thing is not who are you or what are you wearing now, it is not important now. The most significant thing is, why do we act in this way?