An Indonesian man spent one month in the dating application and got disappointing statistics

One man from Indonesia responded to all coincidences in Tinder for 28 days and described the experience that he gained in the form of a detailed schedule. He told about it on Reddit imageboard.

The user with the nickname Keongmanja drew a graph, where he described in detail the experience of using the popular dating service for almost a month. According to the statistics, 53 girls were interested in talking to him and knowing him better.

Disappointing statistics of using the dating application Tinder

However, the absolute majority of them did not agree to meet with a man: he managed to arrange a meeting with only nine girls, but only four came. The others canceled the meeting or simply did not show up.

According to his research, it was not too easy to organize a meeting even with a coincidence. 19 women wrote that they did not know when they would have free time. Another eight girls refused to go on a date because of the large distance between potential lovers. Some even wrote that they were afraid to meet with the guys from the dating app.

For the purity of the experiment, Keongmanja indicated in the profile that he is a 25-year-old man with a traditional sexual orientation and a higher education. The user sent the same message to all the girls, since 80 percent of his matches did not have any description in the profiles.

The users start to ask different questions about the date, some users asked if he had sex with the ladies. The man told that he had not had sex with these girls, because in Indonesia there was a taboo on relationships before the wedding.

Сriminals without criminal in dirty Odessa…

Hello guys

In my last review, i promise to finish the story i experienced with this criminals, but i found no sense to spend my time with this matter. But i hear from a news paper that this people are still in business and more than ever with some extra new tricks and i am so upset that i want to tell you remind you that i was there and i saw how criminal there are.

What newspaper? Show me this newspaper 🙂

First..It’s beginn almost the same. Some girls brought you to the site from an other dating site and than the nightmare begins.
you are going to spend some good money in exchange for letters the girls don’t write themselves.
They will invite you very soon to video chat and you will have to pay for pics that are not recent.

There is nothing wrong to meet in videochat, because you can see the girl live. The agency asks to pay money for chats and e-mails, and what’s wrong with this? They have a lot of translators, they have to pay them for their work!

EVERY SINGLE GIRL want to have communication with you…This must be suspicious…NO? And we stupid men..we try to believe this phony thing.
And if you have the wise idea like i did to short the communication and go there to visit and see if is really real. You will know a poor country and a durty city like Odessa and loose some extra dollars.
It’s will be the end of your experience.

2 days before i arrive in Odessa, one of the girl ( Beauty product) ask me to bring some gift for her, something she couldn’t find in Odessa, and add that she knows,it’s not appropriate…

I have to spare you some details because it’s embarrassing for the girl.
And if you are wise like i am, you will book your hotel by yourself. I paid the half of they asking price for hosting and i had a 5 stars hotel with best service(Panorama Deluxe) with transfer from the airport and one of the best breakfast buffet i ever have.

Can everything be so bad? Each event has its good and bad sides. Here only bad sides are shown. And this is suspicious…

I met the first girl in a room you can’t call office. The aera is worse than a ghetto area in Africa. And took a very spontaneous decision to cancel, but i was curious…to know the see what it’s all about.
After fotos with the girl, she took me for a short walk in the heart of the city, just 5 minute walk and she was must know the end…
It’s was certainly an arrangement with the restaurant where we went. Because how can you take your future husband in a place you will never be able to afford in your lifetime…

And I was not hungry, but i order a small salad and she order a bunch of things..i was asking her.when did you eat last time? It’s was like the thing she order, even me as a man, i couldn’t eat with an empty stomach. The bill was conrresponding…150 dollars for a dinner in Odessa.
So you can argue, she didn’t force you, they never force you to anything. You want to lokk lioke a gentlemean, and you want to be polite, and you are well educated, and the money is not the issue here.
After dinner, she run away, and i never hear from her again… Maybe one day i’ll give you other details.

I’ll say only one thing: it is impossible to pay 150 dollars for a dinner in Ukraine. A huge dinner for one person can cost up to 20 dollars maximum.

But the next day…i repeat the same experience with the other girl.
The first chock was her age.She was 31, but the pics in the site was when she was 24..and she was looking like 40. I am 55, but i am looking only for girl like maximum 35.

By the way, Ukrainian women always look younger than they are. They take care of their appearance and many of them lead healthy life., I know it from my business trips experience, we worked with Ukraine and Russia about 10 years ago. What a nonsense he talks…

This time. i thought, i can be smart and took her to my hotel to avoid the restaurant trap.
But she was so hungry that she order and eat like the hell… and she ask the service to put the meal she couldn’t finish to eat in a box for her mother at home. Ok this nothing wrong with this…

But in reality she is the one who told me the whole strory about these people. And she agrred with me.. for us it’s just a few dollars. for them it’s necessary for life. But the lies and the people behing that… know the (maybe) most powerful man in the world lie in a dayly basis.
If you want to find love…avoid this site and maybe this coubtry.

Ukraine isn’t as poor as Africa 🙂 Women don’t have to meet men only to let them order a meal and take it home :))) Nonsense once again…

I am sure there are no scammers here

I believe that uadreams is a not a scam site, but I don’t like that almost everything is paid and it is expensive. I cannot buy too many credits to write mails. However cheaper is the dearest 🙂 once you understand this, you start to pay for your comfort. At the same time, the necessity to pay weeds out those who doesn’t look for a serious relationship. Not many people will spend money for just chatting with someone without meeting in real.

The girls are also interested in real relationships. I cannot maintain that all of them have serious intentions, who knows, but four girls from six I wrote to told me they were ready to have a family. It was quite strange to hear something like this from a 18 years old girl, but she explained me that her mother told her that family was very important also for her mother and grandmother.

It is easy to write mails and chat on uadreams, because everything is translated into English. I know that free dating sites don’t have such an option. It is convenient.

I wonder, if the ladies pay for their membership. If yes, it would also witness of ladies’ serious intentions. When you read what they write in mails, you understand that they have read your profile and ask about your plans for life. They want to get to know about you, your dreams, your character, what you like and dislike. You feel that someone needs you. I guess it is the greatest feeling ever. Many dating agencies doesn’t take money from women, but I am not sure about uadreams.

Everything other is ok here…. It seems that their agency works for several years and it has experience. It is always better to deal with experienced people.


no scam –

Another one fake review about Uadreams

Here is one more review with a similar sense, it was found out that it was fake. UaDreams themselves write about this, but they do it more diplomatically than I do 🙂

“i was baited on this site from another one, the girl closed her profile there for no reason whatsoever and invited me on I gave her my direct e-mail and contacts and she refused to contact me outside the site”

“We’d like to draw your attention to one point from your letter and namely to the fact that you have not used services of UaDreams and can not say if they are good or bad and there is any scam happening there.”

I believe that there is nothing to add, any comments are needless.

no scam –

A guy tries to use “fake” UaDreams profiles as a cover

By the way, here is one more typical case when a guy tries to use “false” UaDreams profiles as a cover, he considers them to be false. He appeals to the following:


“I was a GOLD MEMBER in another dating website in order to meet a woman from Ukraine…So I wrote to this girl my contacts informations (email adress, facebook, skype…)… later, I received an invitation by this same girl to join UADREAMS.COM to continue the acquaintance with this girl !!.. This girl had my email adress….Why doesn’t she write me directly on my email adress to stay in touch ??? I liked this girl !!

For me , this is everything bad !! ”

I was somehow disoriented with the fact that this guy used paid services on the site where you can exchange your e-mail addresses, facebook and skype so easily. It is strange, isn’t it? It begs the question, what for should one pay for this? And to be a golden member… However I wonder why he didn’t write to her directly, why he didn’t try hard and continue this relationship? Because it is much easier when somebody writes to him, when he doesn’t spend nothing – time, money, efforts and bears no responsibility.

As this guy sees the situation, he shouldn’t write to her and show initiative, but she HAS to do this. Really, she has to lead the dance! That’s why it is easier to accuse the third part, of course UaDreams, of some offensive deeds… and say that the girls’ profiles are fake. Really… 🙂 He gave her his e-mail from good motives, he was so honest when he waited that she writes him on his private e-mail at the same time being a gold member. And I wonder how can one determine a “non-fake” men’s account? By the status “gold”?

no scam –

What a nightmare! it happens that you have to pay good money for Ukrainian brides?

Some Matt is incredibly outraged by this:

“Do not get fooled by this. Dating sites are set up for two people to be able to find each other and then after a certain amount of communication then you can both feel comfortable with each other and then should be able to exchange personal details and take a relationship further. However UaDreams will never ever allow you to exchange personal details unless you go over to visit. ”

I wonder how much money is “a certain amount of communication” – 20$ or 50$ per month or can it be a onetime payment of 100$. So why not find a really serious agency going by the principle “cheaper is better” and use professional dating services there. There are so many social networks in internet – you can use them completely for free and exchange your personal information very quickly, you haven’t go somewhere to get somebody’s contacts. Just stay at home, create a family per computer and feel romantic in your monitor. It isn’t possible to think out something easier and cheaper.

“Any real dating agency will match two people and then it is yourselves who will take and make the relationship serious if that is what both party want but when UADreams does not allow any involvement that does not involve you paying in money to them and so you will never find the lady of your dreams on here.”

Indeed, people have various images about a relationship. A guy likes an idea that somebody influences or helps him to build a relationship. It is so easy to get rid of responsibility and shift it on somebody, in this case on UaDreams. If something doesn’t work out, goes wrong etc… it is so convenient to accuse the third part, to say that it is scams, it is too expensive and there is no possibility to write e-mails and talk in chat for free and finally that there aren’t real girls in internet. It’s all over the map, the only goal is not to take responsibility for an unsuccessful relationship maybe even because the guy understood initially that he didn’t want to go to Ukraine to meet a Ukrainian bride there without mentioning a marriage with a Ukrainian woman.

A review from some John about uadreams attracted my attention:


“I had a very bad experience with uadreams. Visa refused to pay them so I lost contact with the only lady that I had written to over 18 months – in total 80 letters. I feel that both she and I were scammed. It has taken since 2007 to overcome the emotional grief.”

As far as I know UaDreams have several different ways to pay for their services.


As a last resort, if John hold so dear his so long correspondence with his beloved girl, why didn’t he use an alternative payment method? It isn’t clear how UaDreams comes into the picture when Visa refused to transfer payments from the card? Is it scams from UaDreams side? And if Visa refused from John’s payments – perhaps the world’s most popular payment service provider considered his card or bank account to be fraudulent. And where are evidences that namely John paid from John’s card?

Then John writes:  “I had offered to travel to Donetsk and was refused. Earlier I offered to pay an outright fee to meet the lady in Germany where she was working but this request was ignored.”

Hm.. it is incredible, the agency that profits off of this, refused to take money for a trip service? Moreover, it doesn’t sound impressive – correspondence with a girl from Germany registered on a Ukrainian dating site. This review confuses. How is that? UaDreams arranges meetings of its members only on the territory of Ukraine, as far as I know.

And you know, the most truthful thing that John wrote about UaDreams seems to be the following: “Love is between a couple and where third parties are involved they can interfere to protect their own financial benefits. ”

Really, it would be deplorable, if UaDreams, being the third part in the relationships between men and women, wouldn’t worry about their finances. What would it lead to? Would they remain the same UaDreams, a worldwide popular matchmaking agency or… turned into a place for scammers?

Women’s scam complaint nowhere… Really?

Really, you will find women’s complaint nowhere. Why? Women here in Ukraine don’t visit any Sitejabbers or Trustpilots or other international review websites. Whom can they complain that they can’t find a good man, do you think that they will write about this? Most of them don’t speak foreign languages. If she writes about her misfortune, it means that she acknowledges her problem, women are uncomfortable with it. If she writes in Ukrainian or Russian that she is looking for a boyfriend and can’t find him, but this person is not a Ukrainian or Russian, it looks silly. And finally, “thanks to” our set of mind not each and every woman wants her close friends and not friends 🙂 to know that she is registered on a dating site. It is a kind of a stereotype of women of post-Soviet time.

I tried to find some information in Russian on dating forums… and I found nothing about women’s membership or cooperation with other agencies at interest. What does it mean? I guess that Uadreams “team up” their girls in a “manual” way and invite them to become members of Uadreams. And, you know, it speaks for itself.

You know, I arrived at one more idea. What about men who communicate with women on one dating site and then decide by themselves to change it to another dating site, but continue to communicate with the same girl there. At that, such a man continues to date at several dating websites at the same time. Indeed, some men write about this. If they don’t write about this, in most cases they do it intentionally. It is because his name on one site is Sebastian, on the other he is LoverWE18 or Single-Man12345. And it is not necessarily right that a man claims to be the same person everywhere and with all girls. I believe that it cannot go unnoticed.

Scam definition paradox

Here is one more paradox of this situation. It feels as if somebody invented a game with rules determined by only one side, men. Ok, I don’t argue that the notion “scams” took flight as a pattern of conduct of certain people exactly on dating sites. In most cases complaints are made by men who say that women are scammers. However does it mean that all women are scammers? The most dating websites are a place where both real men and women registrate. Women who want to love and be loved, trust men and finally to find their second halves. And where are complaints shared by women? Do you think that there are no men scammers?

no scam –

Here is one more guy who describes the main points of his Uadreams complaint


“Her profile was then closed on the internet site we had met and I received an invite from her from UA Dreams web site… I decided to continue to correspond with her paying for each letter I wrote to her… when I went to UA Dreams to find Julia there she was with a profile all made out with professional photos and a bio that must have taken some time to create….well in advance of our correspondence on the other dating site. So, in short, I was baited after establishing a connection with Julia. I was given opportunity to correspond with her on UA Dreams and after the free emails, it became expensive to correspond with her as well as meet with her on video chat sessions. This is called bait and snatch routine. UA Dreams establishes a fake profile of a lady on another web site”

I am surprised that this man came to a decision to cross over to another dating agency by himself and started to pay for his dating, but after that he started to insist that this is scams. I wonder at what point do such conclusions come over? After the registration on the site, after the first payment or after a thought about how much money one needs to find a second half… As soon as this meridian question arises, a plenty of new emanating thoughts come – no, it is expensive, it is fraud, yes, they are liars because I have to buy my relationship! This being so, why to register on a dating website, pay and chat. In order to accuse the girl of scams groundlessly? Or to accuse of scams the whole agency?

For example I can’t get next to an idea why this man insists that the girl’s profile is fake. If I am not mistaken, the word “fake” is used when somebody isn’t a person he or she claims to be. Well, this guy said that it was the same girl on the both sites and he talked in chat with her. So, “fake” means from now on not a nonexistent person, but a “comfortless” site where you meet girls? And if she would leave for another city, would it be fake, scam or fraud as well?