Can you meet scammers on UaDreams? Everything looks too good

Actually I am not sure about this uadreams site. I guess their women aren’t real. How can I be sure? The women are beautiful, I saw their photow and watched free videos, but how I can be sure that they are not just invited fake models. I want to get a phone number of some beautiful girl and talk to her. I will ask her if she is not married. I don’t know too many uadreams facts. Maybe she is real but is a married woman who scams people? How can I be sure. I believe that uadreams site is one of the most beautiful websites on the net and it is user-friendly, but everything looks too good.

One thought on “Can you meet scammers on UaDreams? Everything looks too good

  1. Dear reviewer!

    Thank you for taking time to write a review.

    We are upset to see you have such an impression about website.

    UaDreams agency unites hearts for more than ten years and concerns about its reputation. We do our best to provide top-level services for our customers and guarantee their safety.

    Our ladies are real, you can make sure of it, if you invite any lady to video chat. We don’t register ladies online, each lady has to come to our office where we check her documents. Ladies are personally interviewed and her life is monitored on a regular basis.

    We follow a strict Anti-Scam program, and one of the principles of it is to prohibit men and women to exchange their personal information before their first meeting in Ukraine. We protect both ladies and men from being scammed. Just imagine that you will give a lady your phone number and she starts to ask you for money. Nobody can protect you in such a case. It is a feature of free dating services where any scammer can contact you. UaDreams scams policy will make your dating safe.

    We in UaDreams make everything possible to make your dating safe and help you to find true love. No lady has a opportunity to ask men for money here and to scam him.

    Besides situations took place when men were pursuing our ladies, and in this case we had to protect the lady. When it comes to romantic communication, the both sides have to feel the agency’s support.

    If you would like to get the lady’s phone number or adress, you have to meet her in Ukraine in real life. If the lady is ready to give you her personal information, she will gladly do it and you will continue your communication without the help of the agency.

    The goal of our matchmaking agency is to help people from all over the world to find real love in Ukraine. And you can make sure that we do our job well: we joined a lot of happy couples, you can see all of them in the website section Agency / Just married. A lot of happy members came to Ukraine and wrote their reviews about our services and organisation. Our experience and results speak for itself.

    We do hope that we convinced you in our honesty and remain our valuable member.


    UaDreams Members Support Center

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