I am sure there are no scammers here

I believe that uadreams is a not a scam site, but I don’t like that almost everything is paid and it is expensive. I cannot buy too many credits to write mails. However cheaper is the dearest 🙂 once you understand this, you start to pay for your comfort. At the same time, the necessity to pay weeds out those who doesn’t look for a serious relationship. Not many people will spend money for just chatting with someone without meeting in real.

The girls are also interested in real relationships. I cannot maintain that all of them have serious intentions, who knows, but four girls from six I wrote to told me they were ready to have a family. It was quite strange to hear something like this from a 18 years old girl, but she explained me that her mother told her that family was very important also for her mother and grandmother.

It is easy to write mails and chat on uadreams, because everything is translated into English. I know that free dating sites don’t have such an option. It is convenient.

I wonder, if the ladies pay for their membership. If yes, it would also witness of ladies’ serious intentions. When you read what they write in mails, you understand that they have read your profile and ask about your plans for life. They want to get to know about you, your dreams, your character, what you like and dislike. You feel that someone needs you. I guess it is the greatest feeling ever. Many dating agencies doesn’t take money from women, but I am not sure about uadreams.

Everything other is ok here…. It seems that their agency works for several years and it has experience. It is always better to deal with experienced people.



One thought on “I am sure there are no scammers here

  1. Dear Fred,
    Thank you for your review.

    Sometimes our members offer opinions that women should pay for our services as well as men. Such a question arises from time to time.

    However reality has the upper hand. The most of the ladies don’t have a possibility to pay for the agency’s services. Due to the quality of life in Ukraine they manage to earn much fewer than women earn in other European countries. They pay for their accomodation, stay somehow dressed and fed. And it is easier for them to stay alone than pay money for an attempt to find happiness. If we would take money for our services, almost no lady would come to us.

    As we are a serious agency and concern about our reputation, we provide a strict anti-scam policy to let our male and female members feel safe during their communication. Our employess control the ladies’ marital status and don’t allow our members to exchange their personal information before their first meeting. Without any control of their owners, the scammers have flooded.

    Such high-level agencies like ours are doing everything possible to protect their male and female members and give them a secure ground to establish normal long-term relationships.

    We hope this information is useful for you.

    If there is any other question, please request our support center when you need it.

    Member Support Center of UaDreams

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