Uadreams Reviews: what the users used to say

What does Uadreams say about themselves. Find below how they describe their dating agency.

Not just a regular dating site.

Strong reputable position is gained as one of the largest match-making operator of Ukraine.

High quality and outstanding service are based on responsibility and care about all members with three main words that emphasize their serious business intentions: loyalty, confidentiality and reliability.

A heart of a human is the treasure to keep it safe that is why the main policy of is uniting hearts together. And for your safety and comfort – implementation of all up-to-date technology.

The gallery of ladies is really big: more than 1000 single women from Ukraine and Russia.

Monthly all branches of UaDreams in Ukraine are ready to meet dozens of members in real and great part of them found Ukrainian and Russian wives with their dedicated assistance. Besides more than 92% of members are truly satisfied with the level of communication services and would definitely recommend the agency to their friends. To find more information about what other people say about UaDreams dating agency, you may read the testimonials from married couples right on their website.

What are the users saying about UaDreams.








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7 thoughts on “Uadreams Reviews: what the users used to say

  1. My experience with uadreams had a little mess in my head cause I cannot say that I was completely satisfied neither upset about all candidates for my match. Indeed I was really pleased about two of them just the time I planned my trip to Ukraine so now we keep in touch even if we did not match each other.
    But if we speak about international bride scammers they really deceive everywhere, even here. I did communicated with one scam girl and she had two personalities so I referred to the administration. Finally they removed one from the website and I wait the decision about the other. At least they react very fast.

  2. You know once I saw a video on youtube or elsewhere from you about scammers and actually this way led me to your website. And I must confess that you were quite open with the mentioning girls like models on dating websites. Also you did a really great job about your website and information about dating sites. We just cannot close our eyes on dating online because this is the part of our life, I met my woman on the Uadreams website and I started my personal blog about how difficult is to choose among all dating websites. How hard is to date with women who weren’t my match, as for me I had four of them and I was almost desperate until I met Olya and we have our child about to born. I just wanted to say that this is ok if you did not match, that means someone better is waiting for you so you shouldn’t blame yourself, your partner or the agency. Just keep doing.
    And I really upset about other men abusing Russian and Ukrainian brides to be scammers and deceivers with all related stories about their scary contacts. I know, I know that the picture of Ukrainian scam is so bright, but hopefully I believe this tendency getting low. I like the way Ukrainian and Russian brides perform themselves, they are independent, smart and mature.
    But indeed I want to complain about the food culture I wish I could teach my lovely to cook as me, I am Spanish so we adore our cuisine))
    Being honest, all those terrifying stories about girls scammers make Uadreams feel at a disadvantage. I am about to write the next post for my blog and I am going to send one of my articles to
    So if you have time you can follow this link and enjoy some useful antiscam tips there. I do not want other people to enmesh to other sources, I like this one and I am convinced in truthful facts therefore I like to denote for example the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women.

  3. Wow. Is there any big difference? Who cares, they have the same slav appearance.

  4. Sure the difference is quite big, go ahead and read the blog because walla text haha))

  5. It feels like UAdreams has some scammers but not too much to ruin reputation. Every day I compare tones of dating sites and faced with unlimited reviews about uadreams, helenasmodels and anastasia. Indeed I see if you are a member of one of these sites you never receive pack of letters, just less than you can imagine. Like other scam dating sites used to.
    And one thing to be afraid of. If you look at the picture, you see beautiful girl but when you start talking with her, she seems not to be so attractive. Its like overphotoshopped pictures or any other girls communicate with me, uh?
    And you always like asking her about her desires and everything and she is like “I want rich educated handsome man”. Nonsense.
    Sometimes western dating websites offer such single women who behave like that. They just care about business and that’s all. If you are not so successful in their eyes just f.. off.
    I like Ukrainian girls, they are independent but they know the value of relationship. They don’t just demand any kind of attention but they do like to show the attention to you) I like that much!
    If you don’t believe, try on You will be surprised a lot when rejected by any attractive woman. They respect themselves. And don’t be silly if you think if you are a foreigner they will stuck on you from the very first word in profile.

  6. Complains? Yep. I think western men complain about their money they lost. That was the point. Not mismatch indeed but the amount they flew off.

  7. I feel some difficulties with Uadreams. I signed up but today I cannt login. Hope support will resolve my question. May be they do not register people from Asia, who knows. I believe this is by no means a racist issue.

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