Women’s scam complaint nowhere… Really?

Really, you will find women’s complaint nowhere. Why? Women here in Ukraine don’t visit any Sitejabbers or Trustpilots or other international review websites. Whom can they complain that they can’t find a good man, do you think that they will write about this? Most of them don’t speak foreign languages. If she writes about her misfortune, it means that she acknowledges her problem, women are uncomfortable with it. If she writes in Ukrainian or Russian that she is looking for a boyfriend and can’t find him, but this person is not a Ukrainian or Russian, it looks silly. And finally, “thanks to” our set of mind not each and every woman wants her close friends and not friends 🙂 to know that she is registered on a dating site. It is a kind of a stereotype of women of post-Soviet time.

I tried to find some information in Russian on dating forums… and I found nothing about women’s membership or cooperation with other agencies at interest. What does it mean? I guess that Uadreams “team up” their girls in a “manual” way and invite them to become members of Uadreams. And, you know, it speaks for itself.

You know, I arrived at one more idea. What about men who communicate with women on one dating site and then decide by themselves to change it to another dating site, but continue to communicate with the same girl there. At that, such a man continues to date at several dating websites at the same time. Indeed, some men write about this. If they don’t write about this, in most cases they do it intentionally. It is because his name on one site is Sebastian, on the other he is LoverWE18 or Single-Man12345. And it is not necessarily right that a man claims to be the same person everywhere and with all girls. I believe that it cannot go unnoticed.

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