All dating agencies are scammers???!!!

Now we go on… Paradox and discrepancy are traced not only in this man’s speculations, but also in the fact that he sincerely tells us on which website he has found his girlfriend that became his wife, but at the same time he met a scammer in that dating agency!

serious-dating-scam is where i meet my lovely wife . Serious business….The fact that i had meetings with 3 women from this site and that i am now married to a wonderful woman from kharkiv (ukraine ) that was the last one i met says it all…I have only once had the suspicion that a lady in this site was a scammer , bestlove investigated the case immediately and removed the lady promt . Stop waisting your money use a serious site


Really, how can it happen? This person doesn’t trust to one agency because it is expensive, but at the same time he doesn’t afraid to use services of another agency where scammers are (he knows about this) and recommends it to everyone! This begs a rhetorical question… what would he say if he didn’t find his wife there? That all dating agencies are scammers!

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