What does your trust rest on?

Everybody who used online services just for once wondered if he or she should believe, if everything written there is true. What does your trust rest on? How do you check that nobody cheats you? I guess that you check everything by yourself using your common sense, logic and rationality.

Here is how one guy named Bo writes about UaDreams:


«it was also my experience , its one of these companies where they overcharge the communication and they will also scam you when you go to Ukraine to meet a lady , translater service , overprized hotel , overprized transfer , choose a serious company where you do pay around 20 dollar a months for membership and do can contact as many ladies as you like and get their email adresses by first contact »

By no means I want to hurt anyone, but still where is the logic? It’s true that they “overcharge the communication” comparing to 20 dollars per month, that’s true. And tell me, have you ever seen a serious company that charges around 20 dollars per month of membership? What about this? This being so, I don’t understand why nobody gives out Bentley for free… And why does this guy believe that it is safe when you contact as many ladies as you wish and get their email addresses right after your first contact? At the same time he insists that expensive dating where your pay for your safety is scamming! Look how contradictory these views are! And yes, a behavioral pattern of people suprises me who get girls’ emails at once but continue to use services of the same dating service. What do they do it for? Hmm… do you see a kind of discrepancy here or it just seems to be?

Since when paying for services is called scams? If you buy a smartphone in a store, a salesperson will offer you to buy accessories, a phone cover and a nice wrapping for your phone. You consider this shop to be of high class and if you refuse to buy accessories, you will not tell your friends that somebody tried to cheat or to scam you. Beyond that do you see scams in the fact that usual people work in UaDreams and do their job for a salary? Is it a one and only dating agency where people do their job for money?


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