Reminding letters from UaDreams

Here is another uadreams customer named Black who understands it and writes the following:


“Yes, I’ve got a lot of reminding letters from UaDreams, some times too much may be! But they are doing their job, and doing it great I think! So what if they are earning money from our letters – they need to get salary too. May be you would say, that if doctors get money for what they do – it is wrong too. No, not wrong, normally? And you do not even have a question – “why”. Then why these guys, also helping people and getting money for their work considered to be scammers? I do not understand!”

And the main thing, if it is so easy to exchange emails with the plenty of girls on a dating site right after the first contact and this site is so “honest”, “worthy” and “cheap”, why should one register in a paid expensive matchmaking agency where it is forbidden to exchange private information before the first personal meeting? UaDreams writes honestly about its paid services and pleasant bonuses that cost nothing. I guess everything here is really clear


And I guess that prices are clear as well, it is obvious, you can see all the prices on


Just imagine! This guy wasn’t too lazy to write so many things in one posting to share his experience with men from all over the world, and this experience is obviously negative, but he speaks HONESTLY 🙂 All the same I haven’t understood why uadreams were accused of scams in this posting? You are honestly advised beforehand what you have to pay for and what is for free for you.

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