Some Ukrainian women believe that men should always pay on the first date

Who pays on the first date? This is a very interesting question and before having a date with a Ukrainian woman, you should know all traditions and customs. Different countries, different mentalities, and, as a result, different points of view. It would be great to know the way Ukrainian women think about the dates, what traditions they have in their society. It is principal to know what the woman expects and what you should expect from her. This knowledge would make things clear and easier for both of you.


Yes, many women are convinced that men should pay on the first date and after the first date as well, by the way. They are sure that a man is a person who has to support the lady financially. Some Ukrainian women think that paying on the first date is a man’s task if he wants to conquer her heart. Where should the man invite the woman? Not a restaurant from the Michelin list or any other top-rated place, nobody expects that you would do this. However, if you realize that a woman expects you to pay, it’s better to invite the woman to the place where both of you will feel comfortable and to the place which you can afford, and pay for the dinner. Think about a nice place that you know and like or check the reviews on the Internet, you will get the information about the menu and prices, so it would be easier to choose the right place.

Women from Ukraine who can split the bill on the first date with a man

We have just talked about a very common Ukrainian women’s expectation when a man has to pay. However, that is not the rule for all the women, you may meet the one who thinks it’s normal to split the bill if you ask or she may suggest doing that herself. A lot of women are looking for serious relationships, they are looking for a future husband and, of course, they don’t look for the person who will buy them food only. That’s not a problem for the modern woman, the only thing you should do is to tell about your expectations. You are free to discuss this theme with a woman and you will find out where to go and what to do. You will see her reaction, if she isn’t against you will be able to decide if you wish to date her.

Those who are only at a split expense on dates

Although there are a lot of women who would like to split the bill with the man, they prefer to go Dutch and to feel independent. It’s their strong position. They prefer to pay for the meal and tickets and they don’t think a man should do that. Ukrainian women earn enough to pay for dinner or going to the cinema, that’s not a problem at all. In Ukraine, it’s getting more and more common when women prefer to split all the expenses not only on the first date but in the future as well. They don’t expect that a boyfriend or a husband would support and pay for all her expenses. You may do something touching, that will show your interest and respect. Bring flowers, or being in the restaurant you may bring some drink for her from the bar or other things like that. However, the final bill the woman would prefer to pay herself and she would insist.

By the way, few Ukrainian women may invite you to the restaurant and they would expect that they pay for the meal. That’s not common but occurs, remember some modern women get used to being independent.

Women who never pay on dates

Let’s think about why men choose to pay on the first date? These guys are the type of men who wish to impress a woman. They were raised that way and their mothers told them that it’s they who have to do this and they feel that it’s normal for men to do that. Some women would never pay for the date and they would be offended if you suggest doing that. These women have strong beliefs and expectations that a man should pay and they would never do that. These women we brought up this way and they don’t see other possibilities. You should know that there are a lot of women in Ukraine who think if a man invites, he pays. Going for a date with a Ukrainian woman, remember that most women think that you will pay for the café or tickets, that’s not bad, that’s just a tradition that people have had in this country for a long time.

Anyway, if you expect to share the bill, it’s better to talk about this beforehand and not to puzzle each other at the restaurant or café when you have ordered food and drinks. Let your dates be bright with a lot of positive emotions, let your first date with a Ukrainian woman become the first step to something serious, to your future together, to your happy family life.

Best tips to make your woman happy

Our tips to make your woman happy. If you want to have long-termed relationships with your woman you need to know how you could attract her for a long time and make her happy.

If you want to start online dating with Russian and Ukrainian women, you need to know that they prefer to have long-termed solid and fruitful relationships with their men, because they are monogamous by their nature.

So, let us share with you several useful tips on issue how to make your woman happy in the next article.

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10 cute fall date ideas in 2020

Fall 2020 is the strangest fall we have ever had, that is a fall with surprises, unpredictable events but hope and unusual pass time at the same time. Lockdown brought a lot of changes and we do our best to learn to live the new life. A lot of people had so many questions. We are here to help you with the date ideas for you and your beloved one. So here they are, our fall date ideas, and we do hope they will be able to make your autumn bright, positive, and full of emotions. You will be able to find cheap fall date ideas and fall first date ideas so don’t waste time.

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Can a woman of 40 marry a foreign man?

We will tell you the reason why young ladies are more popular than women over 40 registered on dating sites. The first thing you may think about is the age. Any other ideas? There are a lot of older men who are looking for a mature lady to build relationships with because they want a person who has experience in life and who knows how to build a happy family together.

Our unexpected reason is photos. Yes, that’s correct, young ladies add great photos to their profiles and that’s why they get so many letters from men. Where on the Internet can you meet a woman of 40 years old with photos of high quality that show her real appearance? Here on UaDreams!

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Why 2020 interesting for


Quarantine in Europe and in Ukraine reduced the number of travelers and few people would like to meet in persons. People have to stay home and to postpone all their plans. However, there is a hope that this summer the borders will be opened and life will flow in the usual way and dating will be possible again. At the same time, virtues with their kind reviews are working up to the collar:


“technical and business analyses of UaDreams Because UaDreams website is technically joined to some other dating websites (as I proved in my previous review “Irochka85/#2532 missing so much, Katie #2404 married or not?” and as suspected by ScamAdviser having performed a deep technical analysis with a partial result of ‘This website may be related to a number of high risk sites’), one website must be the original and the others aliases.


“Irochka85/#2532 missing so much, Katie #2404 married or not? At more than one dating site a lady user has the same a) her last log-in date and time, b) number of views of her profile by visitors, c) her photos and profile. The a) + b) + c) reveal that the profiles are created and run from one website. The a) + b) + c) are realizable not only by an organization owning the sites but also by a lady user if the sites are technically allowed to be even by user set this way, so it is not sure whether the a) + b) + c) are realized by her or by the organization. The lady then can say: “I know that some people enjoy to play a lot with ladies’ profiles.”. A lawyer of the organization owning the sites can say: “We deny any responsibility or support for this inconvenience.”. And psychologists and sociologists are worth two chocolate M&M’s (see at Masters in Manipulating Men’s Minds, the longer, the more effectively, often hired by the state in politics, military and economy, for private sphere working in marketing (= sales), finance, economy: e. g. in dating agencies: to increase the organizations’ profits. Lady users on dating sites, educated in marketing (or similar), are in the majority among women, being worth two more chocolate M&M’s – the ideal Manipulating Machinery as Marketing May use the combination of statistical evaluation, psychological speculation methods, stochastic simulation and optimization methods; the same in politics, military, economy.

See attachments:

Two anonymous writes the reviews with the same link to Google drive. Who are those people, who have found money and used very poor quality service but had no time to add the name under the reviews, or maybe that’s one person? Who knows but let’s talk about the link and the document. Would you like to know what you’ll read in that file? So let’s find out together. The reveling materials consist of 1 file where there is a correspondence with a lady, the screenshot of one Polish website, unknown and not trusted by the way, and 3 screenshots of the place where UaDreams hosting is situated. What a revelation, isn’t it? When people try to unmask somebody they have to put real materials but this time that file is rubbish. Check yourself and make sure.

scam facts about uadreams. very funny :) user about uadreams

An Indonesian man spent one month in the dating application and got disappointing statistics

One man from Indonesia responded to all coincidences in Tinder for 28 days and described the experience that he gained in the form of a detailed schedule. He told about it on Reddit imageboard.

The user with the nickname Keongmanja drew a graph, where he described in detail the experience of using the popular dating service for almost a month. According to the statistics, 53 girls were interested in talking to him and knowing him better.

Disappointing statistics of using the dating application Tinder

However, the absolute majority of them did not agree to meet with a man: he managed to arrange a meeting with only nine girls, but only four came. The others canceled the meeting or simply did not show up.

According to his research, it was not too easy to organize a meeting even with a coincidence. 19 women wrote that they did not know when they would have free time. Another eight girls refused to go on a date because of the large distance between potential lovers. Some even wrote that they were afraid to meet with the guys from the dating app.

For the purity of the experiment, Keongmanja indicated in the profile that he is a 25-year-old man with a traditional sexual orientation and a higher education. The user sent the same message to all the girls, since 80 percent of his matches did not have any description in the profiles.

The users start to ask different questions about the date, some users asked if he had sex with the ladies. The man told that he had not had sex with these girls, because in Indonesia there was a taboo on relationships before the wedding.

Сriminals without criminal in dirty Odessa…

Hello guys

In my last review, i promise to finish the story i experienced with this criminals, but i found no sense to spend my time with this matter. But i hear from a news paper that this people are still in business and more than ever with some extra new tricks and i am so upset that i want to tell you remind you that i was there and i saw how criminal there are.

What newspaper? Show me this newspaper 🙂

First..It’s beginn almost the same. Some girls brought you to the site from an other dating site and than the nightmare begins.
you are going to spend some good money in exchange for letters the girls don’t write themselves.
They will invite you very soon to video chat and you will have to pay for pics that are not recent.

There is nothing wrong to meet in videochat, because you can see the girl live. The agency asks to pay money for chats and e-mails, and what’s wrong with this? They have a lot of translators, they have to pay them for their work!

EVERY SINGLE GIRL want to have communication with you…This must be suspicious…NO? And we stupid men..we try to believe this phony thing.
And if you have the wise idea like i did to short the communication and go there to visit and see if is really real. You will know a poor country and a durty city like Odessa and loose some extra dollars.
It’s will be the end of your experience.

2 days before i arrive in Odessa, one of the girl ( Beauty product) ask me to bring some gift for her, something she couldn’t find in Odessa, and add that she knows,it’s not appropriate…

I have to spare you some details because it’s embarrassing for the girl.
And if you are wise like i am, you will book your hotel by yourself. I paid the half of they asking price for hosting and i had a 5 stars hotel with best service(Panorama Deluxe) with transfer from the airport and one of the best breakfast buffet i ever have.

Can everything be so bad? Each event has its good and bad sides. Here only bad sides are shown. And this is suspicious…

I met the first girl in a room you can’t call office. The aera is worse than a ghetto area in Africa. And took a very spontaneous decision to cancel, but i was curious…to know the see what it’s all about.
After fotos with the girl, she took me for a short walk in the heart of the city, just 5 minute walk and she was must know the end…
It’s was certainly an arrangement with the restaurant where we went. Because how can you take your future husband in a place you will never be able to afford in your lifetime…

And I was not hungry, but i order a small salad and she order a bunch of things..i was asking her.when did you eat last time? It’s was like the thing she order, even me as a man, i couldn’t eat with an empty stomach. The bill was conrresponding…150 dollars for a dinner in Odessa.
So you can argue, she didn’t force you, they never force you to anything. You want to lokk lioke a gentlemean, and you want to be polite, and you are well educated, and the money is not the issue here.
After dinner, she run away, and i never hear from her again… Maybe one day i’ll give you other details.

I’ll say only one thing: it is impossible to pay 150 dollars for a dinner in Ukraine. A huge dinner for one person can cost up to 20 dollars maximum.

But the next day…i repeat the same experience with the other girl.
The first chock was her age.She was 31, but the pics in the site was when she was 24..and she was looking like 40. I am 55, but i am looking only for girl like maximum 35.

By the way, Ukrainian women always look younger than they are. They take care of their appearance and many of them lead healthy life., I know it from my business trips experience, we worked with Ukraine and Russia about 10 years ago. What a nonsense he talks…

This time. i thought, i can be smart and took her to my hotel to avoid the restaurant trap.
But she was so hungry that she order and eat like the hell… and she ask the service to put the meal she couldn’t finish to eat in a box for her mother at home. Ok this nothing wrong with this…

But in reality she is the one who told me the whole strory about these people. And she agrred with me.. for us it’s just a few dollars. for them it’s necessary for life. But the lies and the people behing that… know the (maybe) most powerful man in the world lie in a dayly basis.
If you want to find love…avoid this site and maybe this coubtry.

Ukraine isn’t as poor as Africa 🙂 Women don’t have to meet men only to let them order a meal and take it home :))) Nonsense once again…

Can you meet scammers on UaDreams? Everything looks too good

Actually I am not sure about this uadreams site. I guess their women aren’t real. How can I be sure? The women are beautiful, I saw their photow and watched free videos, but how I can be sure that they are not just invited fake models. I want to get a phone number of some beautiful girl and talk to her. I will ask her if she is not married. I don’t know too many uadreams facts. Maybe she is real but is a married woman who scams people? How can I be sure. I believe that uadreams site is one of the most beautiful websites on the net and it is user-friendly, but everything looks too good.

I am sure there are no scammers here

I believe that uadreams is a not a scam site, but I don’t like that almost everything is paid and it is expensive. I cannot buy too many credits to write mails. However cheaper is the dearest 🙂 once you understand this, you start to pay for your comfort. At the same time, the necessity to pay weeds out those who doesn’t look for a serious relationship. Not many people will spend money for just chatting with someone without meeting in real.

The girls are also interested in real relationships. I cannot maintain that all of them have serious intentions, who knows, but four girls from six I wrote to told me they were ready to have a family. It was quite strange to hear something like this from a 18 years old girl, but she explained me that her mother told her that family was very important also for her mother and grandmother.

It is easy to write mails and chat on uadreams, because everything is translated into English. I know that free dating sites don’t have such an option. It is convenient.

I wonder, if the ladies pay for their membership. If yes, it would also witness of ladies’ serious intentions. When you read what they write in mails, you understand that they have read your profile and ask about your plans for life. They want to get to know about you, your dreams, your character, what you like and dislike. You feel that someone needs you. I guess it is the greatest feeling ever. Many dating agencies doesn’t take money from women, but I am not sure about uadreams.

Everything other is ok here…. It seems that their agency works for several years and it has experience. It is always better to deal with experienced people.


Uadreams Reviews: what the users used to say

What does Uadreams say about themselves. Find below how they describe their dating agency.

Not just a regular dating site.

Strong reputable position is gained as one of the largest match-making operator of Ukraine.

High quality and outstanding service are based on responsibility and care about all members with three main words that emphasize their serious business intentions: loyalty, confidentiality and reliability.

A heart of a human is the treasure to keep it safe that is why the main policy of is uniting hearts together. And for your safety and comfort – implementation of all up-to-date technology.

The gallery of ladies is really big: more than 1000 single women from Ukraine and Russia.

Monthly all branches of UaDreams in Ukraine are ready to meet dozens of members in real and great part of them found Ukrainian and Russian wives with their dedicated assistance. Besides more than 92% of members are truly satisfied with the level of communication services and would definitely recommend the agency to their friends. To find more information about what other people say about UaDreams dating agency, you may read the testimonials from married couples right on their website.

What are the users saying about UaDreams.








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